Create a Beautiful Bermuda Grass Lawn

A nice lawn isn’t grown over night, at least not a Bermuda grass lawn. Therefore, I created this Bermuda Lawn Calendar web site as a guide to help encourage the average home owner grow a beautiful lawn. ☀️ Don’t become a number on a route. Take control of your lawn. Check back every month for tips & tricks to creating that lush, green Bermuda lawn.

Caring for your turf is now easy

In just one year, I turned my 27,000 sq ft lawn full of weeds into a lush, green Bermuda lawn.   It’s not easy to keep it all up, and you may feel the same about your lawn.  That’s why I made this web site.  With the tips and information found on this web site, it should make keeping your yard beautiful a breeze.  Above all, I hope you enjoy the Bermuda Lawn Calendar!

Bermuda Lawn Calendar

Soil Amendments

A beautiful lawn begins with quality dirt.  We cover it all, from soil aeration to soil amendments.

Bermuda Lawn Calendar


Yes!  Every living thing needs to feed, including your turf.  We cover feeding the lawn and getting rid of those pesky weeds.

Bermuda Lawn Calendar

How Much To Apply?

We have a calculator for that!  Don’t apply your next product without first looking at our calculators.

Man, those calculators are awesome!  Love the web site!

Terry Allen, Bama Bermuda

Look forward to following along every month.  Thank you!


This site is spot on for southern Bermuda!  Love the site!

Jason H.

Enjoy getting outside!

Even though I have a lot of how-to videos on yard care, the primary focus is to enjoy getting out in the yard!  Whether you have a single push mower or a huge ride-on mower, just have fun!  As a result, I hope you enjoy visiting our Bermuda Lawn Guide every month.

Bermuda Lawn Calendar
Bermuda Lawn Calendar