This month your lawn should be actively growing!  Everything should be a beautiful GREEN color, and you probably just threw down your Memorial Day fertilizer application!  As you can see this month I’m battling a little fungus issue on top of a 22 day drought from May.  Just keep working hard!


To Do List

  • Mow as often as possible (2-3 times per week)
  • Spot spray or pull up any weeds that may have popped up
  • Apply a Fungicide, remember to switch up your modes of action ✨
  • Apply a preventative insecticide
  • Feed the soil – apply a monthly dose of soil ammendments

Other Great Content for June

Enjoy getting outside!

Even though I have a lot of how-to videos on yard care, the primary focus is to enjoy getting out in the yard!  Whether you have a single push mower or a huge ride-on mower, just have fun!  As a result, I hope you enjoy visiting our Bermuda Lawn Guide every month.

Bermuda Lawn Calendar
Bermuda Lawn Calendar

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