This month is wake up month!  If you’ve been holding off on your first fertilizer application then this is the month to do it.  Bring on the GREEN!


To Do List

  • Start mowing the lawn more regular, even if it doesn’t look like it needs it
  • Spot spray or pull up any weeds that may have popped up
  • If you haven’t scalped then scalp your yard as low as possible to remove the dormant/dead Bermuda stalks
  • Apply your first Nitrogen rich fertilizer
  • Apply your 2nd application of Pre-Emergent for the year. ✨
  • Apply a preventative insecticide if you did not in April
  • Apply a preventative fungicide
  • Feed the soil
  • Broadcast spray for weeds only if you have massive weed infestation

Other Great Content for May

Enjoy getting outside!

Even though I have a lot of how-to videos on yard care, the primary focus is to enjoy getting out in the yard!  Whether you have a single push mower or a huge ride-on mower, just have fun!  As a result, I hope you enjoy visiting our Bermuda Lawn Guide every month.

Bermuda Lawn Calendar
Bermuda Lawn Calendar

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